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Benefits to Human-Centered Programming for Non-Profits and Social Impact Organizations

Human-centered Programming gives Non-profits, Humanitarian, and Social Impact organizations the tools needed to solve challenging human problems in deep partnership with program beneficiaries. It brings their stories, experience, and creativity into solutions meant for them. The benefits are real and sustainable as your organization and your audience become co-designers, co-implementers,

Is Human-Centered Programming a good fit for your non-profit, humanitarian, or social impact organization?

Human-centered programming is an approach to solving challenging social problems in deep partnership with your audience. Partnering with your audience  brings their stories, their goals, their challenges, and their creativity into your programs. This self-assessment will help you determine if this approach will really help your organization. Keep track of

3 Questions for Non-profit and humanitarian practitioners

These three essential questions can guide the work we do every day in non-profit, NGO, and humanitarian organizations. Who are you helping? What do you truly know about their goals, their experiences, and their challenges? How do you currently use that knowledge to make decisions? Answering these questions bring us

Empathy Mapping as a tool for Sustainable Program Innovation

An Empathy Map provides a rich understanding of a person’s experience with your program. It can help you to see what is under the surface for your beneficiaries as they engage with your program. Created in partnership with beneficiaries, it is a powerful tool to support innovation and evolution of

Co-Designing with Vulnerable Populations

Many humanitarian organizations support support people who are vulnerable. They may have experienced trauma, oppression, or disempowerment. Co-designing solutions meant for them can be an incredibly empowering experience. However, special care must be taken to ensure the emotional and psychological safety of your co-designers. Helpful principles are below. Create safe

Design for Inclusivity in Humanitarian Settings

During humanitarian emergencies, resources, life-saving information, and support are often provided via mobile channels. If you are in the midst of an emergency and happen to also have a disability, then getting access to resources via mobile technology can be difficult. Check out this project done in 2020 in Nairobi,

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