Amplifying Sustainable Social Impact

At the Center for Design Kindness, we help social impact organizations achieve sustainable impact through human-centered programming, training & development, and effective communications & advocacy.

Human-Centered Programming

Solve challenging human problems in deep partnership with your audience. Bring their stories, goals, challenges and creativity into your programs. We can help you and your audience co-design, co-implement, and co-evaluate solutions that get at the heart of their challenges and goals. Check out our free tools and guides to get you started and learn more on our blog.

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, & Learning (M.E.A.L)

We help social impact organizations develop and implement an effective plan for Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning. Learn to measure and communicate your outcomes with meaningful metrics and stories. We will help you share the message of your impact while keeping the dignity and agency of your beneficiaries front and center.

Receive hands-on tools, templates, and training to develop your M.E.A.L. plan and evolve your programming to increase impact. We can help with a strong and flexible learning strategy tailored to your organization.

Strategy and Communication

Our experts can help your organization craft a grounded Theory of Change that will drive your strategy. Then, we can help you align your operational efforts to accomplish your goals and make meaningful impact.

Communicate the true impact of your programs through stories and meaningful metrics. We will help you share this message while keeping the dignity and agency of your beneficiaries front and center.

“Working with the Center for Design Kindness has helped our organization build key partnerships and develop a sustainable strategy for growth.”

Corrine Ellsworth-Beaumont, Ph.D.,
CEO, Know Your Lemons Foundation

“The Center for Design Kindness has some excellent tools and templates to help humanitarian program managers use human-centered design to improve programs.”

Tim Robbins., Audience Manager
Latter-day Saint Charities


The Center for Design Kindness helps humanitarian, non-profit, and social enterprises improve sustainable outcomes. We offer deep expertise in humanitarian services, training and development, communications and advocacy, human-centered programming, monitoring, evaluation, accountability, and learning.

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