Is Human-Centered Programming a good fit for your non-profit, humanitarian, or social impact organization?

Human-centered programming is an approach to solving challenging social problems in deep partnership with your audience. Partnering with your audience  brings their stories, their goals, their challenges, and their creativity into your programs. This self-assessment will help you determine if this approach will really help your organization. Keep track of how many of the following statements apply.

❏ Our audience faces complex challenges

❏ We support vulnerable populations

❏ I think our program could help even more

❏ We have limited resources

❏ Measuring sustainable impact is tricky for us

❏ We are so busy helping it is hard to evolve

❏ Our program has not changed much lately

❏ Burnout is a challenge for us

❏ We have other pain points where this may help

How many did you check? If you checked one or more boxes above, human-centered programming can help. Ask yourself, how might a human-centered approach help with the challenges our organization faces above? Visit the Human-Centered Programming Toolkit from the Center for Design Kindness to get started.

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