Benefits to Human-Centered Programming for Non-Profits and Social Impact Organizations

Human-centered Programming gives Non-profits, Humanitarian, and Social Impact organizations the tools needed to solve challenging human problems in deep partnership with program beneficiaries. It brings their stories, experience, and creativity into solutions meant for them.

The benefits are real and sustainable as your organization and your audience become co-designers, co-implementers, and co-evaluators of solutions that get at the heart of things.


  • Foster respect, agency, and dignity. Each person is the expert in their own life; honoring this leads to approaches that beneficiaries are more able and willing to sustain.
  • Improve cultural competencies. Staff develop deeper empathy and learn to see challenges from the perspective of their audience.
  • Build Capability. Strengthen skills in your audience and your staff as they partner closely.
  • Support healthy partnerships. Build a foundation of trust between your organization, beneficiaries, and the communities where you work.

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