Benefits of Co-Evaluation with Beneficiaries for Social Impact

Evaluating the true impact of a social impact program requires the input of beneficiaries. Many organizations seek this through surveys or interviews, but this is only the first step towards true co-

Benefits to Co-Evaluation
Co-evaluating programs provides humanitarian organizations with deep insight into the impact their
programs are making or could make with some adjustment. Check out some benefits to co-evaluation in the list below.


  • Identify strengths and weaknesses within programs that would otherwise be invisible.
  • Better understand nuances that impact implementation.
  • Identify programs to be revised, replaced, or sunsetted.
  • Build trust with local communities, leaders, and beneficiaries as you improve your programming in partnership with them.
  • Build confidence with donors that their resources are being used wisely and to create sustainable impact.
  • Identify new opportunities to support beneficiaries.

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