M.E.A.L. Support

humanitarianworkMonitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning (M.E.A.L.) are critical to a humanitarian or non-profit’s ability to grow and evolve. When developed using insights gained from human-centered design, a M.E.A.L. plan can help drive even more meaningful, sustainable outcomes.

New regulatory requirements, new environments, new beneficiaries, new employees, and new programs all require an organization to be engaged in constant learning and growth.  An organizational learning strategy must be both strong and flexible enough to support this constant change while helping the organization fulfill its mission.

  • Theory of Change development
  • Outcome co-design with beneficiaries
  • HCD-informed monitoring strategies
  • Accountability and impact reporting
  • Strategic curriculum mapping
  • Learning needs analysis
  • Design and development of learning experiences
  • Evaluation and program assessment
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