Human-Centered Design


Alleviating human suffering requires a deep knowledge of the lives and experiences of the individuals we are attempting to serve.  Human-centered design is an approach that can help us to not only begin to see through their lens, but to bring them into the design and development of any potential solution.   When applied to the design of humanitarian aid programs, it is a powerful tool to elevate program effectiveness.  Read the call for human-centered design in humanitarian organizations by the UNHCR here.

We can help your organization leverage this powerful tool.  Our founder brought human-centered design to Visa to develop meaningful learning programs and support global financial inclusion efforts.  We have used it to improve food assistance programs for refugees, and to create community-led self-reliance programs.  We also used it to develop open educational technology for economically disadvantaged students.  It can be used in virtually any setting where you are designing programs, processes, or products for humans.

  • Discovery and ethnographic research
  • End user testing and strategic testing plans
  • Program evaluation and evolution
  • Iterative design and ideation sessions
  • Agile development consultation
  • Prototype development
  • Consultation and strategy
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